Friday, July 17, 2009

Chris Weitz Spills 'New Moon' Details

Rotten Tomatoes recently had some time with New Moon director Chris Weitz and he was willing to spill details regarding the Proposal Scene all have been agonizing about and numerous other details/questions:

Weitz is still developing New Moon's computer-generated effects -- including a new take on Edward Cullen's "sparkling" effect, which drew criticism in the first film -- and is just weeks away from delivering a first cut.

"I am about two weeks away from showing my director's cut to the studio," Weitz told us. "I've got some wolves with fur, and some wolves are still invisible, basically. And some wolves are kind of like...what look like Claymation versions. We are still in the late R&D phases of what Edward looks like when he's hit by sunlight, what the vampires look like when they're hit with sunlight, the diamond effect, and also the hallucinatory effect that Bella has when she hears Edward's voice and she imagines him there."

Speaking of changes, let's address the big fan question: The Proposal Scene. While Melissa Rosenberg's script for Twilight deviated slightly from Meyer's source novel, most agree that it remained generally faithful in story and (perhaps to a fault) in dialogue. So will New Moon's conclusion stay faithful to Meyer's "proposal scene," in which Edward makes a very specific ultimatum in response to a life-changing request from Bella?

"It hasn't been cut out, I can tell you that much," Weitz carefully shared. He paused to compose his answer, making sure not to reveal too much. "It's not going to hit them in exactly the way that they think it's going to, but I will say that -- how can I put it? --it's going to be quite special. I kind of saved all of my gusto for that moment. I don't think it will disappoint.

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