Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'Eclipse' Fan Made Trailer

While browsing YouTube this morning we found this totally awesome Eclipse fan made trailer! Enjoy!


  1. THAT THING WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved it!!!
    I raely ever find fanmade trailers that i love, but GEEZE!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE YET!
    Might be the fact that Eclipse is my fave book...but this trailer seriously was so awesome!
    I love the fact that the wedding ring what included at the end.
    I really just love this whole video!

  2. thats amazing
    who ever made that was very talented
    elclipse is the best book :)
    cant wait for the film!

  3. That was pretty good considering it was fanmade.
    shame about it not being Taylor Lautner in it. Soooo HOT!!
    it was Good though.
    cant wait for the movie.