Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Epic Battle of Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

The mystical battle between the wizards and vampires is still going full steam and refuses to end until all the movies are completed. Until that day arrives, the race to see whose movie will do better is still on.

With the newest installment of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, that saga is surging to pass Twilight as the third top-selling advance ticketer in Fandango history.

Yet, with the movies coming out at different times, who is to tell who is really winning. As soon as New Moon will come out in November we all know Harry Potter will be in for a butt kicking. According to a Fandango survey of more than 3,000 moviegoers planning to see Harry Potter, 45% claim they're also fans of the Twilight saga! With this mass identification with both parties, the vampires are still some limelight and probably will have Harry Potter beaten in the popularity ranks sooner than we all think.


  1. Heck yeah! Twilight will win! And we all know that! Rock on Twilight Fans!!! Nothin can stop us, not even litle kids with wands;]
    --Steven Hill

  2. i can't choose between them, don't kill me if i say i like harry potter, a touch more, coz i own all the twilight gear , but none of the harry potter stuff! but hmm...
    the Star Wars Saga Is Still The BEST!!

  3. Twilight all the way, baby!

  4. To quote Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene...
    "(In a battle between the wizards and the vampires, who do you think would win?) AG: Oh we would so kick ass. JR: I don't know, they've got brooms."

    I LOVE Twilight and all, but I think HP has more appeal to EVERYONE... not just girls. And Tom Felton is totally hotter than RPattz. ;)

  5. Oh, seriously. Harry Potter ALL the way. There are so many reasons, I can't list them all here.

  6. twilight is gona win? haha wat a joke...harry potter is sooo much beter and i doubt twilight will ever catch up to them! besides twilight and stephenie meyer are sooo behind harry potter and j.k rowling i dnt think thyll ever catch up.

  7. Harry Potter is waaaaaaay going to win! The books and movies are so exiting! Harry Potter is the best. Everyone can enjoy Harry Potter. Mostly girls go see Twilight or read them. I never really like Twilight people who are obsessed with it. Well Harry Potter to me is always a winner! :D

  8. Harry Potter.
    It appeals to everyone, and it's lesson is love, friendship, and goodness. Twilight-eh (don't kill me Twilight fans!) more of a dark romance. Edward and Bella's love is lust, not really romance. I like Harry Potter because it may be a "children's book" to others, but it has taught me so many lessons, and JK's story is so inspiring, a rags to riches story. Stephanie Meyer, sadly ruined my image of vamps and werewolves. Now I'm afraid to go trick-or-treating as a vampire because I'm afraid people will ask if I'm Alice or Bella or something. Besides, I can relate to someone like Neville Longbottom in the HP series. And I would rather hang out with the Weasleys than the "perfect" Cullens. And in HP, there is tear-jerking emotions, when I read Twilight, I felt like I was reading a math problem (not very fun). Again, this is my opinion. Would you rather live with the perfect Cullens, or the full of love family Weasleys? Would you travel by apparating or flying, or on a vampire's back? And I don't like people who obsess over the actors so much. I mean Tom Felton (Draco) in my opinion is far more attractive than Robert Pattinson. I know, say what you want, but I have grown up with HP, and I love it.