Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fandango Interview with Jamie Campbell-Bower

Here is a neat interview Fandango did with Jamie Campbell-Bower:

Q. How would you compare Caius to your role of Anthony in Sweeney Todd?
Campbell Bower:
Anthony was a nice guy, and Caius is – I don't want to say not nice but he's a little bit more broody and dark. Brooding – not broody. He doesn't want to have a baby, he's brooding. [Laughs]

Q. How come you're not wearing your vampire red contacts right now?
Campbell Bower:
They hurt. They don't hurt so much as make me feel a bit sick because my peripheral vision is very much impaired when I have them in.

Q. How would you describe Caius' look?
Campbell Bower:
I had a discussion with (costume designer) Tish (Monaghan), and we figured out that Caius probably doesn't get to go out that much, so… he just steals his clothes from previous victims. The style is nice and smart and sleek and slim and – yeah, I like it. It's very Italian, and I like the shoes, particularly.

Q. How much is expanded on in the 18th century flashback scenes?
Campbell Bower:
A little bit – not very much as far as the Volturi go. It's awesome. It does look really cool and it will be kind of shocking. I don't want to go too far and ruin it for anyone.

Q. Are you signed on for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?
Campbell Bower
: I possibly will be coming back for number four. Number three, not at the moment. I don't think Caius appears at all in number three.

Q. Were you prepared to be a part of the Twilight madness?
Campbell Bower:
Nothing has really prepared me for that. I got off the plane the other night when I arrived and there were five guys waiting there asking if I could take a picture with them. That was weird enough! I was like, "Why? Uh, OK. Yes, of course I can. You know I'm nobody, right?" It's really interesting, and I only hope that, with the support that I'm getting from people at the moment, I will live up to it in the film. My Twitter fan base between last month and this month has gone up 6,000 people. That is craziness! That is really, really bizarre.

Q. What were you obsessed with when you were younger?
Campbell Bower:
I was obsessed with girls when I was 13-years-old; I wasn't really into books. I think there's something about Stephanie's (Meyer) writing that rings so true. Obviously, people can relate to it, and teenage kids particularly can relate to the themes in the book, and that love for someone when you're that sort of age. When you're 13, 14, 15, you go, "I love you. I don't really love you, but I'm gonna say I love you anyway." [Laughs] I wasn't obsessed with anything when I was younger, really. I don't know. I'm boring.

Q. Are you going to continue with music and acting?
Campbell Bower:
With acting, I'm now at a stage where it's like it's a career for me. It's still fun, but it's not something that I'm jumping in and out of. The music is kind of building up alongside that. It's not at the point that the acting is at the moment. I'm still starting fresh and trying to get people to come see shows, and labels to come and check us out, and hopefully, eventually get a record deal. I want to be able to do both side by side.

Q. Your band is called The Darling Buds, but it's not the first Darling Buds.
Campbell Bower
: It's the second Darling Buds. I'm not entirely sure where I got the name from. Maybe I just took it in subconsciously at some point during my life. I was like, "That sounds cool. Oh, wait--there's another band." It's fine; the other Darling Buds haven't been around for a long time, and I think the idea with copyright is that as long as you're not misleading people into buying what they think is other people's music, then that's fine. And their stuff isn't on iTunes, hopefully.

Q. Has anyone suggested a Twilight Musical Tour?
Campbell Bower:
No, no one has suggested that at all. That'd be kind of fun. Twilight Musical Tour '09—It's gonna be huge! Here we come!

{via Fandango}

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