Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Is In the Air

Here is a portion of an article that discusses the newly formed chemistry between Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. Is something going on between Kristen and Taylor? Does this terminate anything that was between Kristen and Rob? What do you guys think? Sounds a little fishy to us:

'It isn't often that, right in the middle of an interview, one of the subjects will suddenly lean over and nearly give the other one a full-on, passionate kiss. But when we caught up with "Twilight" saga stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner recently at Comic-Con, love was in the air.

"It's not tough when you're working with someone like this," Lautner insisted, moments after KStew responded to the chemistry question by leaning over and fake-kissing the hunky actor who packed on more than 30 pounds of muscle for the sequel. "[Stewart] is extremely talented."

"And it's such a different relationship," added Stewart, who couldn't possibly look any more anti-Bella these days as she finishes up work on her "Runaways" biopic about rocker Joan Jett, with short black hair and a Minor Threat T-shirt as her Comic-Con attire. "It's entirely original." '
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{via MTV}


  1. Obviously they're playing it up for the fans before New Moon comes out.
    When Eclipse is about to come out, Kristen and Rob will be together all the time again.
    They do what they're told to promote the movies.

  2. OMG, I hope Kristen doesn't hug her dad in public, because next thing we'll hear about is their affair. I sincerely hope she has something going on with Rob, but I know it's none of my business. I'm sure Summit has them under their watch, and we won't hear anything from them until at least Breaking Dawn is in theatres. Why can't people stop reading something into every hug that one of those three gives someone?

  3. Bull... Robsten is so still on... they're just trying to promote the fact that in this movie it's more of a Bella Jacob movie than Bella Edward...

  4. Oh God please DON'T START THIS!!! It's enough with Robsten!

    Taylor is too young... plus you know he's secretly with Selena Gomez! They're so adorable together!

  5. Yeahhhh! Let her have Taylor....Leave Rob for me :)

  6. Come on there never been anything else than friendship between Rob and Kristen ! Why can't people see that it is possible to just be friend with a guy without thinking there is something more ! i think people who are thinking that something is going on between Rob and kristen or taylor and kristen are a little blind ! i think it's so obvious that they are just great friends ! Nothing more so please just stop all those stupid gossip about them ! Let them live in peace they are human after all, like you and me, living their life !

  7. whatever! this is so lame. She was playing around, that's all. Chris Weitz just said in a Time interview she's really protective of him, and it sounds like he meant like a big sister or good friend would. She's into older guys, i.e. Mike and Rob. Geesh. I think there are enough rumors swirling around her, let's not manufacture completely baseless ones, shall we?

  8. everyone is saying that they are just trying to promote the movie because new moon its more about jacob and bella but to me its not promoting anything is just making me hate it because i am such a big team edward and rob fan! not that i hate taylor but i hate jacob so much you have no idea! but i do think taylor is soo hot and i do love him i just hate jacob and i love rob so much moreeeeeeeeee

  9. PUH LEESE! Nothings really going on between Taylor & Kristen. Summit told them to stay together for New Moon. That's why Kristen & Rob weren't sitting together or anything, Summit didnt let them. And there was heat between Robsten at Comic-Con! "I Cant wait to get pregnant!" XD

  10. Ok...so let me get this straight...
    Now Rob and Kris are over, Taylor and Selena are over, and its Taylor and Kris on and Robert and Emilie on... yeah?
    Or are emilie and rob over?? Or are Rob and Kris still on??
    My god people!!! im so confused now!
    Males and females CAN just be friends u know! However i did think at the comic con that i'd like to see taylor and kristen together... i dunno why, just think it could happen so easily with no one noticing!!
    But i know its never gonna happen so never mind!!
    Any one else agree that these rumours are getting old now??

  11. They're trying to push the Jacob/Bella chemistry a little too hard. They didn't have to push the Edward/Bella chemistry at all. It was just there.

  12. what the hale?? GEEZZZE PEOPLE ARE BEING... WEIRD.god their all insane. I LOVEIT!!!!!

  13. I do not think, is in love with rob, what has happened?

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