Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre On New Moon Stunts

HitFix recently got to talk with New Moon's Rachelle Lefevre and talk about her life and her stunt work for the newest Twilight installment:

Q: The stunt work you’re doing, is it going to look the same as it did in the first movie? Is it going to be any different like the wire work or feel different?

It’s so much wire work. It’s so much actual doing it, I think. In terms of the look of it, I don’t know exactly. I think [director Chris Weitz's] approach seems to be that it should be a little more raw and a little more literally grounded. So, I think it was very sort of flighty in the first one when we were running fast and things like that. It was almost like you weren’t touching the ground. It was almost like kind of gliding thing and I think that the work we’ve been doing [for 'New Moon'] is a lot more like actual contact with the ground, you know actually holding onto the trees rather than being able to just sort of float in them. So I think the gravity may be a little more than in the first film so that might have a different look as a result.

Q: Do you get to walk on that magic carpet thing again?

No, no magic carpet this time. I’m all in a harness. I’m 25-feet up most days and then any time I’m on the ground they’re doing like depending on [the camera speed of] 12 frames per second or 72 so they can slow it up or speed it and then you’re literally just running and jumping and chasing.

Q: It sounds like it’s a lot more stunt work than you thought it might be.

It is. It’s amazing. It’s funny our running joke—because I’ve been doing it for 2 1/2 weeks—and like we had a cast dinner last night, and everybody’s like 'Where have you been?' Like I see them all the time at night, but I never see them during the day and they’re like 'Where are you?' And I’m like 'Oh you guys don’t know, but we’re making another whole movie in the woods a half hour away.' So, I said I hope we get an extended version of the scene on the DVD because I’ve been filming the same stunts—the same fight sequence for 2 1/2 weeks.

Q: So, we get to see you jump from 25 feet up in a tree down to the ground?

There’s leaping off trees to the ground. There’s leaping up in the air from trees to other trees. I was about 40-feet up just hanging out looking like I was just kind of standing there. There’s a lot of that. And then my stunt double, who spent five years with Cirque du Soleil did some very cool like backflips and things like that on the wires. Yeah, being thrown around by werewolves you’d be like in one place one minute and then they pull [and] you’re like hooked up to wire and then they’ll pull the wires and then you get yanked up flying into the air and your body’s folded in half. It’s very cool.

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