Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arson Attempt At Forks High School

O-M-G! Somebody seriously tried to burn down some of Forks High School yesterday morning. Here is the article from the local paper, the Forks Forum:

"An suspect is being sought in an attempt to burn the landmark wooden Forks Spartan sign that stands in front of the circa 1925 brick Forks High School building. A section of a planter box located about 20 feet from the sign was burned.

The wooden sign which fronts Spartan Ave. is a popular photo op stop for visiting Twilight fans. Tens of thousands of the fans have had their photo taken in front of the sign.

On Monday morning, Forks Police Department Deputy Chief of Police Lloyd Lee reported to the Forks Forum that: "Early this morning around 0145 hours the on duty officer, Michael Rowley was flagged down in the area of the school and was told about a bench in front of the high school was on fire. The responding officer put the fire out with the fire extinguisher he carries in his vehicle.

"After investigating we found not only was the bench on fire, but the arsonist tried to burn down the Forks High School sign. A one foot in diameter charred area was found behind the sign. Also found was a broken window on the north side of the high school."

Lee said the Forks Police Department has a person of interest who was seen in the area."

Okay, I'm voting Jacob did it. That way Bella can go to school on the reservation...


  1. I was in Forks Saturday but I didn't do it I promise

  2. issues much.that is just plain stupid to burn a school.