Friday, August 14, 2009

Ashley Greene Nude Scandal

Ashley GreeneWell all the press regarding Ashley's newest turmoil it doesn't seem to be hurting her. Not many more details have hit the Internet. Almost all of the pictures have been successfully removed from the Internet due to Ashley and her lawyer threatening to sue anyone who posts them. How are they able to do this? Ashley is claiming that she took the pictures herself at her home. This makes them her photographs and therefore are owned by her so the distribution of these pictures is illegal. Pretty smart move there. The pictures appear to be taken when Ashley was 19, the star is now 22. The pictures in question are two chest and head shots, one with Ashley covering herself and the other baring all. The third is more of the scandal with a full frontal shot of Ashley minus her head.

But all of the details said, why in the world was she in the first place even taking pictures of herself like that? I mean really, if her man wanted to see her he should have come over. Whatever the reason, it does not seem to have truly hurt the actress career. Vanessa Hudgens' two incidents haven't set her back, so Ashley's one will fade quickly from the minds of the public.

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  1. Maybe she just wanted to see what her body looked like on film? I know that looking in a mirror and seeing a picture is sometimes a very different view. I know if I ever really want to see how I look, I take a picture.