Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Premiere of 2nd New Moon Trailer

Yes, you read that right! A 2nd New Moon trailer will be released this Friday with the premiere of Summit's "Bandslam." But that's not all:

"A brand new, full length theatrical trailer from "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," will debut this Friday, exclusively with the Summit Entertainment August 14 release, "Bandslam."

For fans who simply can't wait for Friday, a 10 second tease of the new trailer will be airing nationwide, starting Tuesdaday, August 12th.

This tease will debut Tuesday Morning PST according to Summit."

As soon as these trailers hit the screen we will be sure to bring them to you here on TB.net!

{via HitFix}


  1. Kristen Stewart looks like a friggien druggie on that poster. And everywhurr else.

  2. wow i can almost guarantee people are gonna go see bandslam just to see the new trailer for new moon lol =]
    i mean lets face it bandslam is gonna suck...

  3. dont you mean Wednesday???? ;] August 11 is Tuesday...

  4. I can't wait for New Moon!!! Today is Tuesday Aug.11th lol. I don't see a character profile for Renesmee is it because we don't know what she looks like as in who will play her if they make breaking dawn into a movie?

  5. i'm sure everyone has seen this, but just incase.. here's a bootleg of the trailer in english (there was a french one floating around too)


    I HATE the poster... The way Rob is growing out of Kristens head, the way they've used Twilight movie stills rather than new moon ones at the bottom... all over wrong...

  6. umm that's not a real poster sum fan just made that, cuz as far as i know the movie doesn't cum out 7 months ago, lol.