Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Is Wrong with the 2nd Official 'New Moon' Trailer

New Moon PosterMTV posted their review of the 2nd New Moon trailer that was released this week. While the trailer is excellent, there are somethings missing that all Twis want to see. Here in their review, MTV plots out all that Twis need and want to see in a trailer to fully encompass New Moon. The review is excellent and hopefully will raise the bar for what fans are expecting in future trailers for the Twilight films:

"The Cliff Dive — Kristen Stewart told us long ago that Bella's pivotal cinematic near-suicide will be CGI, and we've got to admit: We're still a bit concerned. Fan-made videos like this one give us an idea of some things to expect from what could be the most powerful moment in "New Moon," but so far, nothing official. Come on, Chris Weitz — cough it up!

Fight Scenes — Although Catherine Hardwicke's "Twilight" won the hearts of millions of women, it won't be stealing men away from sports and "Star Trek" sequels anytime soon. Now, with male directors in place for the next two films — and increasingly darker, more action-oriented plotlines to come — it's time to start convincing the dudes that seeing "New Moon" will do more than put you in your lady's good graces. But what have we glimpsed so far? Shirtless Jacob, shirt-open Edward, shirtless wolf pack. "Fight Club" gave the same number of abs, but also brought along just as many punches to the face — so bring back the honey and chicken, already!

The Vanishing Volturi — As any good Twilighter knows, the Volturi feature prominently not only in "New Moon," but also in the overall arc of the "Twilight" saga. So, why have they become the J.D. Salinger of the film series? We want full-on, official shots of Aro, Caius, Marcus and the rest. No more slowing down video clips to see if that's Michael Sheen in the background — it's time to bring out the big guns.

Quil Be Seeing You — Everybody's got their own favorite quasi-obscure "Twilight" character, and mine is Jacob's "wingman" Quil Ateara. We know he's played by Tyson Houseman in the film, but we haven't seen so much as a publicity shot yet. Sure, some might laugh — but I'll be wearing a "Team Quil" shirt when I see the film on opening night. Which reminds me of a second complaint: Why has no one invented "Team Quil" T-shirts yet?

It Ain't Easy Being Human— They're the nicest people in the world and the backbone of the "Twilight" film series: Mike Welch, Christian Serratos, Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick, Billy Burke and others. But although these fan favorites are among the most visible at "Twilight" conventions and other events, we haven't seen so much as a glimpse of them in the "New Moon" trailers. It's bad enough that these guys don't get to pretend they have superhuman powers, the ability to live forever or even a clue as to all the craziness going on in Forks. "Twilight" is nothing without the humanity that Stephenie Meyer injected into it — here's hoping that Weitz remembers that element as he's working all those long hours and late nights in the "New Moon" editing bay."

{via MTV}


  1. Right on - so far I hated both of the trailers. It's like hey we know you are going to go see this movie no matter what because you love these books and all the hype so we can do really crappy trailers because we don't actually have to convince you to wanna see it. Come on summit - I can always wait to get the DVD and skip the paying $9+ per person plus popcorn and drinks if you can't come up with something better.

  2. I would have to say my major problems with the second trailer was Taylor Lautner talking. I found that completely pointless. I wanted to see a FULL length trailer thats around 3 minutes of juciy scenes. not another 1 minutes 40 seconds and taylor talking through half of it. it completely ruined it for me. Yes were all still going to see new moon at the midnight premeire or opening weekend but seriously it will raise the hype if they release a full length trailer that actually leaves the fans screaming for more.

  3. I hate the fact that Taylor is talking through half of it! What other trailer does that? That is NOT what I want to see.

  4. If they release everything asked for in this story, we wouldn't have to see the movie! I particularly like the fact they haven't shown alot of things - it'd spoil the fun of watching it as it happens in the movie!

  5. Obviously they are doing the cliff diving scene bc they show Bella in the water..
    I HOPE they stick more to the book on this one. bc they will really miss out on a lotta gud stuff! lol

  6. I believe too many people complain, I mean at least there showing it ok? The movie will be here soon and I love the trailers I think they are amazing

  7. though the trailers are okay it does kinda make me more eager and inpatiant to see the movie. but the whole jacob talking thing kinda brings it down a little bit, for im hardcore team edward XD!!

  8. I might have to wait for Eclipse to be released... I'm a huge fan of Seth, so let's start Team Seth!