Monday, November 23, 2009

Fan 'New Moon' Review- Where To Begin?!

New Moon Premiere
Where To Begin?!?

Where do I begin? Now that my New Moon weekend has come to an end I am able to write my review with Tylenol and coffee at hand. (From lack of sleep, right along with the rest of you!) Lol!

I arrived to see my double feature of Twilight/New Moon @ 8PM and to my amazement saw the biggest line ever for a movie! People lined up as early as 4PM! Watching Twilight on the big screen was a delight, the crowd recited the movie out loud word for word. I knew then I was in for an awesome night.

New Moon couldn't have come on any quicker; with that kind of electricity in the air the crowd couldn't take the commercia
ls for 45 minutes. As soon as the moon became visible the screams became deafening! Good good times. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

New Moon PremiereNew Noon intrigued us with the "warm tones" that were used instead of the "cooler" ones from Twilight. Director Chris Weitz followed as best as he could to the story and that pretty much had us "dazzled" in our seats! The humor was used in great taste considering the touchy subject of loss and depression. A special shout out to Taylor Lautner's performance...he converted many "Team Edwardians" that's for certain! Overall it is my recommendation that New Moon should be seen at a minimum of four times; in order to "see" the little nuances that could be missed at any given time. It is a fantastic movie and I am happy to have a part in helping the 73 million come about.

What I am most impressed by (aside from the movie) is the sense of family I have run across. I have stood in so many lines getting the books @ midnight, DVD releases, hot topic functions, movie premieres and I have never met such a passionate bunch of people. I 've formed friendships because of these books and who says that these kids don't read? Waiting in line, they were reading Romeo & Juliet and I saw someone reading Pride & Prejudice too. Wow!
What's amazing that Stephenie Myer's "dream"has awaken the "romance" in all of us...who doesn't want to be loved by an Edward or Jacob! Or any other character for that matter.
It all boils back to Stephenie Myer..I just can't thank you enough!

Cherry Hill/Moorestown,NJ

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