Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kristen Stewart to Star in "The Yellow Handkerchief"

Kristen Stewart
The official trailer and summary for Kristen Stewart's next film, The Yellow Handkerchief, has been released and looks very intriguing! I can't wait to see it! Imagine Kristen playing that Louisiana southern girl, accent and all! Sounds like a 180 and fabulous! I believe that we are now only starting to see what she is capable and will surprise us all with her hidden talent as she chooses to reveal it. Read on for details:

Forget the supernatural: In Kristen Stewart's next project, the New Moon star is taking a deeply human turn, playing a troubled teenager in the indie flick The Yellow Handkerchief, due in theaters in February.

Costarring William Hurt, Mario Bello and Eddie Redmayne, the movie explores the relationships between three strangers who embark on a road trip through post-Katrina Louisiana. Stewart plays Martine, a teen who hopes to escape her family, while Hurt plays Brett Hanson, a man who has to choose between his ex-wife (played by Bello) or what's next.

"The part of Kristen in Twilight is completely different from the one she plays in The Yellow Handkerchief, which is particularly interesting for Kristen's fans all over the world," says the film's Oscar winning producer Arthur Cohn. "In my personal opinion, from a pure acting point of view, The Yellow Handkerchief was a more difficult part to play."

Cohn says that Stewart got the part thanks to the recommendation of one famous former costar: "It was Jodie Foster, whom I respect and admire, who wholeheartedly recommended Kristen," he says of her Panic Room costar, "and has always considered her a truly excellent young actress."

{via People}


  1. Probably it's time for some serious drama, after NM fantsy&action&romantic movie ;) It is normal) simple) I like every actor of this future movie ;) continue great job ppl ;)

  2. she has the same acting style in this one as in playing bella. i donät know what it is, looking shy, thinking about what she's saying, sighing in between... i thought it was her style to play bella but now i noticed it's like her trademark or something... but good though...