Sunday, November 29, 2009

New 'Breaking Dawn' Info

Via KStew411's twitter, they provided some news on Breaking Dawn in regards to the greenlinght that we are still anticipating and the time in which filming will start:
Everyone wants to know about the greenlight, and someone whispered my way a couple issues holding it up. One is that Summit would like to be able to provide some info for the fans beyond just, "Yes, we're doing it," so they are trying to organize some logistics first. Not a huge surprise there, but it is kind of considerate of them.

Another squeaky cog is Rob and Kristen's filming schedules for next year. Unbound Captives hasn't set Rob's shooting schedule just yet and as Summit will accomodate him, they would like to know when he'll be available for Breaking Dawn. That could be the difference between a May and September start date.

But the big mystery is Kristen. There's a project out there in nebulous stages which she may or may not be campaigning for. It shouldn't be a big deal to work both of them out, should she in fact get the other project, but Summit is trying to get a clearer picture of their lead's availability before setting a schedule for Breaking Dawn.

There are a million moving pieces to this, but Summit is doing their best to accomodate their leads, which they haven't always done in the past (hello, Parts Per Billion).
(Side notes: Unbound Captives is an upcoming film that Rob has in the works and it is set to also star Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz and Parts Per Billion was an indie flick that Rob had to drop out of due to conflicting scheduling with New Moon)

Thank you KStew411!!!


  1. the anticipation for breaking dawn is unbelievable. Though eclipse isn't out yet. Breaking Dawn is defiantly going to be a good number.

  2. i really cant wait for Eclipse or Breaking Dawn!! the anticipation is killing me! i love getting these updates about them, thank you so much Twilight Blog (:

  3. so there is going 2 b breaking dawn? If there is YAY!!!!!!!

  4. Hi i know it says rennesmee and uh yah thats my name so uh hi!

  5. I am looking forward to breaking dawn. Eclipse was really good but it drives you crazy cuz you wanna know whats going tohappen next. I have so much questions about how they are going to do it.