Saturday, November 28, 2009

'New Moon' Makes $200+ Million!

Its been 8 days since New Moon made it to the big screen and it has currently grossed over $200 million - $206.1 million to be exact! This is HUGE compared to Twilight's earnings of $192.8 million that it had made in 20 weeks.
In the first three days of the holiday frame beginning Wednesday, "New Moon" has grossed $41.4 million.

The record holder for the best Thanksgiving frame haul still belongs to the first "Harry Potter" which made $82.4 million from Wednesday through Sunday.
I have a feeling New Moon will still be going strong through the rest of the holiday weekend :)

{via Variety}


  1. It's a great movie and the cast was awesome. They deserve it!

  2. i went to see it today for the 3rd time and i am confident, i'll see it was released 10 days ago and the theatre was STILL packed today

  3. some people that haven't read the books yet thought it was a little confusing in parts!! Well, I don't care! That movie was made for the fans and they did a FANTASTIC job!! They earned every penny that they made!! GO NEW MOON!!!! ^_^_^