Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taylor Lautner on Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

I know you've all seen those gorgeous Rolling Stone outtakes of Taylor. Now, here is the hottie on the official cover looking oh-so-.... well, i'll let you fill-in-the-blank ;)

Taylor Lautner Taylor Lautner You can pick up this issue of Rolling Stone for yourself when it hits newsstands tomorrow! Here's an excerpt of the article to satisfy you until then:
Taylor Lautner’s body is a temple. The 17-year-old New Moon star with the eight-pack abs and tan, chiseled face tells Rolling Stone’s Neil Strauss he’s never smoked pot, never tried cigarettes and never snorted a line of cocaine in our new issue dated December 10, 2009, on stands tomorrow.

What Lautner has done is turn his love of martial arts into superstardom as werewolf Jacob in the Twilight series. “This could have happened to anyone who played Jacob,” Lautner tells RS. “It’s Twilight. It’s not me personally.” But his hard work is inescapable: he started learning karate at age six and moved on to Xtreme Martial Arts, relocating with his family to Los Angeles to pursue acting and stomaching the bullying that came along with it. He put on 30 pounds of muscle between the first two Twilight films. He found time to shoot the upcoming Valentine’s Day with Taylor Swift, with whom he “instantly clicked,” he admits. “Aside from being beautiful, she’s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around.”

But as Strauss discovers, Lautner is quiet and guarded, more of a Zac Efron than a Lindsay Lohan, as far as young stars go. “He’s so picky. I was the first person who got him to eat sushi,” New Moon costar Kristen Stewart tells RS. “He’s very set in his ways. But that is very informative of his personality. He’s very steady. He has a really solid sense of himself.”
Wanna watch the hottie in action? Check out the video here or click here for more pictures from the photoshoot.


  1. I dont see how he's not comfortable with his body

  2. god he's absolutely gorgeous!
    got the cover as my background on twitter :)

  3. I loooooveeee Taylor he's sooo gorgeous!!!!