Monday, November 23, 2009

Taylor Lautner's Favorite Scene In 'Eclipse'

Taylor Lautner tells that his favorite scene to film in Eclipse was the infamous tent scene. That's definitely one I can't WAIT to see on the big screen - Kristen, Rob, & Taylor confined in a small tent together? Oh yeah, that should be good ;)


  1. omg june 30 cant wait to see it ! and ohhh edward jacob in a tent together and that being Taylors favorite scene ??!?! cuz he gets to lay down with kstew in a tent and rpattz is probaly like soo jealous lol cant wait to watch that

  2. I was just think, the first New Moon trailer came out around 6 months or so before New Moon was released on the cinema's. Surely when New Moon plays it's final screening **Tear** in cinema's, we will be around due for an Eclipse trailer?? Hopefully, are there any awards over in the US in a few weeks were a trailer could possibly be shown???