Thursday, December 3, 2009 Is Holding Interviews!

It is that time! We here at are looking to add to our team! If you love Twilight and writing, then this could be your opportunity. To get yourself into the interview process you need to follow these guidelines and rules for you to be considered. Please no extra e-mails about "can I please have the job?" or "can I try submitting again?" We may not decide on someone quickly, so please have patience. is a top Twilight site that brings fans everything about the Twilight Saga (movies, books), the actors that bring the characters to life, and whatever else has a link to the Saga. We are looking for a dedicated person to come on board as a help and Twilight enthusiast.

To begin the process you need to understand what will be expected of you:
1) Write at least 2 posts a day. If you find more news to write about or have the spare time and have a fabulous idea for an article then write more. But two is the minimum with some exceptions.

2) Writing experience is appreciated, we do not want to have to oversee your writing after your introduction period. We do not have time nor the use for re-writing your posts because you do not use correct grammar, logic, and writing structure. receives upwards of 10,000 visitors per day so keeping things professional is a top priority.

3) We expect you to bring your personality to your writing. We don't just always want straight facts, other Twis want to know what YOU think, too! State what you think: Team Edward? Team Jacob?

4) Be responsible. If a problem occurs be able to deal with it appropriately or if something comes up letting us know, we don't bite (we are not vampires!) but you have to keep us aware if something happens to you/comes up unexpectedly.

5) Be willing to concentrate on factual articles that will really keep other Twis up-to-date with what is going on.

6) Have an understanding of Blogger or be able to learn because you will need to have a working knowledge of computers and posting/working with pictures and basic HTML.

Now that you understand what the job entails you can consider going through this interview process:
This interview process will take place, mainly, over e-mail as that will be the quickest way for us to deal with all the applicants. Send your interview "packet" to

2) Your interview "packet" consists of your name, e-mail, a statement as to why you want to help with, a statement about yourself, a current article on something to deal with the Twilight Saga (as a sample writing piece), how often you believe you will be able to post per day (do not feel the need to create a HUGE number, we just want to know if you can commit to the minimum), and another statement on what you think you can bring to

3) The article you write for your "packet" will be posted on the website and attributed to you so that your efforts (even if you do do not wind up helping with will still be able to be appreciated by your fellow Twis.

Thanks for your interest!

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