Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Kristen's Exact Style

Ever wanted to own Kristen Stewart's style but couldn't find the exact dress or shirt? Well, this girl in Polyvore created many images with Kristen's different clothes worn together and the designer, so if you want to get the clothes for yourself, you could. In the images you can find the clothes, accessories, make-up and any other item that might make up Kristen's style. To see all the pictures of Kristen's clothes, click here. But, not only did Miss Sara (the creator of the images) create Kristen Stewart's clothes, she made some of the characters from Twilight! These include Edward, Jasper, the werewolves, Bella, Jessica and Bella & Edward. To see Miss Sara's page and all her pictures click here.

{via Polyvore}

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