Friday, December 11, 2009

Kristen Stewart Outtakes from USA Today

Some outtakes from Kristen Stewart's photo shoot with USA Today were revealed. She looked beautiful, as always, and glamorous. The best picture is the one with her smiling. Kristen is very pretty, but, I think that when she smiles, she goes from a ten to a twelve. Which one's your favorite?

Kristen Stewart Outtake USA Today Photo 1
Kristen Stewart Outtake USA Today Photo 2
Kristen Stewart Outtake USA Today Photo 3
{via Breaking-Dawn}


  1. She looks sad...i wonder about all the massive pressure and activity she, Rob and all have been these months..

    Course she's beautiful, just hope she's happy.

  2. Love the one where she smiles. I have the picture in my phone. So Pretty, she should smile and laugh more often (or should I say a lot more). She seems so carefree and younger when she laughs, or even when she is smiling. love her, keep it up, and probably more people will stop hating. Wonder why they hate her, there's nothing about her to hate.

  3. awe!!
    i love all of em!!!
    she looks beautiful!! :)

  4. I to am worried that she is feeling all of this pressure. She went from being an actress to being a SUPERSTAR and now has to deal with all types of people in Hollywood! That is so scary and stressful!

    -Karen_Marie_A (twitter)

  5. i love all of them shes very pretty :)

  6. "i love all of them shes very pretty :)" <--- From Hannah Elisabeth Willis :) hannahwillis14 (twitter) thehannahbanana99 (you tube)