Sunday, December 6, 2009

'New Moon' Starts Pale Make Up Trend

Sales of pale make up have reportedly gone through the roof since the release of the latest installment in the Twilight franchise - New Moon. Some cosmetic companies have said that sales of pale foundation have risen by up to 200 percent due to the world wide phenomenon.

Online beauty shop says sales of pale make up have risen over 200 percent in the last month. Pale pink illuminating powder Mineral Veil by Bare Escentuals has become their number one selling product.

" Porcelain skin is a classic, chic and glamorous look but has long been shunned in favour of bronzed skin. It is great to see that this trend is making women proud to be pale and those who aren’t, envious,” Siobhan McDermott, of, said.

Sales of L'Oreal's True Match powder in rose ivory have risen by one hundred and thirty-three percent recently. In a world where tan has been the "in" thing of late, the new vampire look is a refreshing change.


  1. hahaha I've been pale my whole life, and proud of it. I can't believe people can't just be happy the way they are.

  2. i actually love the pale thing!!!!!!! i want to be pale sometimes but not always. in between is the best!