Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre on The Cover of Flare Magazine

The gorgeous Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria in Twilight and New Moon graces the cover of Flare magazine's, a Canadian fashion magazine, January 2010 issue. She talks to the mag about what it felt like after being let go from the Twilight Saga. - "I'd been put through the wringer. I felt like I had something I truly loved and cared about taken away from me against my will."


  1. Rachelle is greatest "bad" vampire )
    She plays really well, i like her style in TW-saga) really dangerous!...i hope she'll be back to saga someday ;)

  2. She looks so stunning here - wow! We're going to miss her in Eclipse (technically Victoria's biggest role yet)but I think Bryce Dallas Howard will do it well too.