Monday, December 14, 2009

Want to Ask Robert Pattinson Something?

Robert Pattinson in Remember MeEver wanted to ask Robert Pattinson something? Well now you can! Remember Me Facebook page posted that to ask Robert a question by posting a comment as a question about his new movie, Remember Me, but you must be a member of the group to ask any questions. Robert will answer most of the questions via a video, but the date is unknown yet.

We can't confirm or deny whether or not this is real, but it may be worth a try. Besides, how many times do you get a chance to ask Robert Pattinson something? You MUST have a Facebook account and be a member the group Remember Me.

Find out more at the Remember Me Facebook Group.


  1. How hard is it as an actor/actress to change gears from such a powerful, deep, and moving film? You guys clearly have an amazing chemistry.
    (Edward/Bella) Do you question what's real an work yourselves? On & off the set? All I can say is "Brava" on playing the part so well.

  2. can i have ur number

  3. heyy robert how are you my name is Amanda and i just wanted to say i love you and you play Cedric diggory in harry potter and i cryed when voldmort killed you it was sooo sad i couldn’t stand being without you it was hard and sad and you played aka Edward cullen vampire in twilight and in new moon and i can’t wait for Eclipse , and breaking dawn and i read all 4 books they we’re amazing and excellent and i’m a hugeeeeee fan of you and my question for you is

    1) how did you feel in facing the realization of this character?
    2) Did you interested about the story and your character in the moovie?And why?
    3) where you asked, did your agent advise you to audition…?
    4) is filming Remember Me harder than filming the Twilight series?
    5)between the Twilight sequel and Remember Me which of the two did you like better? Playing Edward Cullen or Tyler Roth?
    6) How did you manage to embody the character and its feelings?
    7)you really wanted the part as Edward in Twilight. Did you have a feeling that Twilight was. More going to be a great move in your acting career?
    8)Which film was harder for you to do New Moon or Remember Me

    will hope to get a answer from you soon
    love you lots robert thomas pattinson and i hope to meet you soon and get your autography and i sent you fan mail and i hope you replay back to it, that would be soo much to me in the world, and i can't not wait to meet you in person

  4. 9)Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
    10)If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and way?
    11)What’s your worst habit?
    12)what role was given more difficult Salvador Dali, Edward Cullen 0r Tyler

  5. In March the Twilight Tours are coming to Atlanta, Ga. Will you be there? And if so, are you up to the meet and greet? If you get the chance take a look at my profile it is below it for you, I also have a blog. In my house I have a RobPattz room. ILY Rob

  6. are you guys daft? the post clearly states you ask the questions on facebook, not here