Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why We Love The Twilight Saga

Kristen & Robert
For those that haven't given in to The Twilight Saga yet, it might be hard to understand what makes Twi-hards absolutely bananas for this series. It's an epidemic that's sweeping the world and not slowing down at any rate. The explosion following Twilight was blown out of the water by New Moon's overwhelming figures, and there's no denying that Stephenie Meyer's work will be one that lives on for years to come. So as an insider and dedicated follower of Twilight, I figured, why not break down those reasons for those less familiar so they too can understand?

Stephenie Meyer captivated her audience right off the bat with an intense love story that's addictive in nature. Bella and Edward are both absolutely hooked on each other, even though their love seems so impossible, it only makes them stronger and more infatuated with one another. Sacrifices and compromises have to be made in real love and this series captures that in a way that evokes an intense passion from its audience. With characters in the novels that are so easy to picture and realistic to the mind, anyone that has a imaginative side is sure to be hooked. The Twilight Saga's like an escape into a fantasy world that we all grew up telling spooky stories about.

Vampires and werewolves are "monsters" that have been around for generations and the conflict between the two is a familiar theme to supernatural storybooks. Conflict and hardship is such a central part of this series. There's intense loss, that feeling of being torn between those you love, and also that overwhelming feeling that you'd be willing to give everything about you up just to be with someone. Not only is The Twilight Saga heart-wrenching and touching, it's also got plenty of moments that make you laugh out loud and lighten the mood through the characters' personalities and unique senses of humor. There's an in-depth storyline for every character that makes you love them in their own ways.

Seeing the books on-screen is awesome, don't get me wrong, but the books leave so much more to the imagination and really let you feel what the story is about. It's a creative piece that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who have let it into their lives. From Isabella Swan, a clumsy, confused teenage girl who's torn between her soul mate and the love of her eternity, to Edward Cullen, musical extraordinaire, immortal, beautiful, and capable of being the rock that no human man would be able to, to Jacob Black, the lovable and sometimes cocky werewolf who you can't help but feel for through the suffer he endures, you can't help but fall deep into the emotion that surrounds each of these characters through their confusing journey. Twilight fan or not, everyone can relate to this series in one way or another. After reading all of the books and feeling all of the emotions that swirl through those pages, you may understand, it's so much more than just another vampire love story!!

What do you guys love about The Twilight Saga?

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