Thursday, January 7, 2010

Different Vampire Story in 'Daybreakers'

So if your guy has been complaining because Twilight doesn't have enough action, and obviously they could care less about Robert or Taylor, then there may just be a vampire movie he'll like. With all the vampire mania out there, it's not surprising to see yet another movie centered on the mythical creatures. Daybreakers is much edgier and darker than Twilight. Ethan Hawke, the star of the film which releases tomorrow, January 8th, even said in an interview that he felt that The Twilight Saga movies were too long. That's your opinion, Ethan, but millions wish they were even longer.

Daybreakers is set in the future and surrounds a virus that has spread across the globe and changed the majority of the population into vampires. The remaining humans, who are on the verge of extinction, are hunted and harvested for blood. This movie, indeed, will be no Twilight or New Moon, with no love plot in site, but it is a compromise for the more action-hungry fan and the vampire-loving crowds. Ethan Hawke said of the movie, "It's a post-adolescent vampire film." So it's not one to take the kids to, but it still may be to your liking if you can't get enough of the bloodsuckers out there.

Watch the Daybreakers trailer

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  1. Daybreakers looks really good- Ive read some great reviews already.