Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming Soon! Kellan Lutz in Calvin Klein Underwear

Yes, that's right. Kellan Lutz' (Emmett) big debut in Calvin Klein underwear will take place during the first week of February. Happy early Valentine's day to YOU! ;D

It's been said that Kellan's ads have apparently been modeled after the Mark Wahlberg campaigns back in the 1990s. Let's hope that's the truth ;)

Will keep you posted with the pics once they become available!

{via E! Online}


  1. Looking forward to seeing them :D

  2. oh snaP!!!! that should be interesting... rotf lmbo...

  3. Ohhh yea- Happy Valentine's to ME! He's soooo yummy!

  4. Um I'm sorry, I can't quite see CK underwear on Kellan, I think he needs to drop his drawers and give us a look!!!

  5. that would be a good idea(Talking to the last anonymous person)especially sense he's not wearing any underpants in this pic ^-^!!!