Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hollywood Crush's Handy Guide for 'New Moon' Preordering

Earlier we posted a list of current online retailers who are now taking preorder requests for the New Moon DVD. But with all the different versions out there things can get a bit confusing.

Hollywood Crush has a great handy dandy guide if you're one of the many wanting to preorder right away but not sure which one you should get:

If hearing Kristen Stewart's take on Renesmee wasn't enough for you, here's some more "Twilight"-related news sure to boost your spirits: Today is the day pre-orders go live for the various DVD copies of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." But before you run off to find the cheapest copy available for pre-order, there are a couple elements that should be weighed ahead of time.

Both Target and Barnes & Noble are offering special edition versions of "New Moon." Target's is arguably the best, offering a second special edition disc (three discs in all) and a "collectible film cell." The only details they had about the third disc is that it contains "never before seen content," and also commented that quantities are limited for the film cell (so make sure you ask when you pick up your copy). The special edition runs at $36.99, but is $10 off for pre-order, making it $26.99. The Blu-Ray version is $29.99.

Barnes & Noble doesn't offer an extra disc, but does offer much better doodads than a collectible film cell. According to the bookstore's website, the special edition comes with "a 'New Moon' Dreamcatcher Bag Clip, a metal dangle finished in antique brass that combines a circular dreamcatcher, a sculptural Wolf Pack-tattoo charm [and] a Wolf Pack jewelry tag, feathers, and crystals." The list price for this special edition is $33.99, but online B&N is offering it for $27.19. The Blu-Ray version is $31.99.

If you don't feel like spending some extra money on the various special editions, we found Amazon.com to be offering the best prices, with $21.99 for the two-disc special edition DVD, and $24.99 for the Blu-Ray. Wal-mart was 33 cents more at $22.32/$25.32, and Target was $1 more at $22.99/$25.99, so it all depends on your preferences.

Borders is offering the DVD at $22.99, but the Blu-Ray at a competitive $24.99. Fortunately, they're all well below the market prices.

As for what the DVDs contain for special features, UK website Play had a pretty specific rundown of what will be offered, but we can't confirm that they are going to be the same in the US as they will in the UK. According to Play (who's selling the DVD with a "New Moon" keychain), the documentary included is called "The Journey Continues," and the six parts will be called "1. Life after Twilight, 2. Chris Weitz takes the helm, 3. The subtle details, 4. A look at production, 5. It's not magic, 6. Ready for the World" (Target confirms this).

There will be four music videos: Death Cab's "Meet Me On The Equinox," Anya Marina's "Satellite Heart," Mutemath's "Spotlight" and Muse's "I Belong To You" with behind the scenes rehearsal footage. There will also be a piece called "The beat goes on: the music of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'.

There will also be a Fan Event Q&A with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris — probably from Comic-Con or one of the Hot Topic tours, as well as a bit called "Fandimonium" with a look at the "Twilight" fan culture. There will be a "Team Jacob vs Team Edward" piece, some deleted scenes, introduction special features for the Volturi and Wolfpack, an Edward and Jacob "Fast Forward," special videos on Edward going to Italy and Taylor Lautner becoming Jacob, and finally a feature called "Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen."

Phew! Now that you have all that information, where are you pre-ordering your "New Moon" DVD from?

{via Hollywood Crush}

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  1. I'm gonna pre-order it at target, on blu ray. (;