Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kirsten Prout: 'Eclipse' Auditions Were The Worst

Kirsten Prout, who will play "Lucy" in Eclipse, initially auditioned for the part of "Bree", a young vampire newborn created by Victoria (played by Bryce Dallas Howard).

"I read for a different vampire, called Bree," Prout comments. "[Bree] is a brunette with short hair that is 13 years old and completely not me, but I went for the audition just because it was a big project.

Prout goes on to say that she was extremely nervous during the audition, not knowing that Twilight would become such a phenomenon before she had auditioned.

"I can tell you that I've never felt that level of nervousness in an audition room in my whole career. I had read the books, but it hadn't really sunk in what a huge phenomenon Twilight was."

Prout was asked to come back for another role after she was told that she didn't fit the character of "Bree."

"I heard back about the audition that I was wrong for the character, but they wanted me to come back for another vampire that was essentially the same size role and everything, except she had long blonde hair, was extremely pale and was older.

"So I went in, did one audition and a week later, I got a call and then showed up on set. It was pretty rapid."

{via Digital Spy}

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