Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kristen Stewart on Renesmee: 'She's Got to Be Cute!'

MTV had a chance to sit down with Kristen Stewart at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend and try and get any information she had about Breaking Dawn - script, director, and whether Renesmee would be CGI or not.

"I don't even know if it's going to be one [film] or two, or who is directing it, or when it's even going [to start]," she admitted. "I know that it's going to go, but not when yet."

In regards to the "graphic birth scene", Kristen said "I haven't seen a script, but I'm not alone in really, really wondering how they're going to handle that," she said.

And there's always the big question as to how they're going to handle the subject of Renesmee. "Little Renesmee, she's got to be cute," said the actress. "She can't just be this scary superhuman teeth baby!

{via Hollywood Crush}


  1. I agree with Kristen- Renesmee has to be cute! and for breaking dawn- i have thought of two idea's i still think they should do a pg 13 in the theaters and be able to buy an uncut version on DVD, or do a pg13 and an uncut version in the theaters.....

  2. awww... i cant wait to see her!

  3. it have to be in TWO films, because- there are LOTS OF main information- lots of thinks happens :-) so - it have to be 3 hours film, or two normal film :-D

  4. i just hope it turns out to be ok (surely it can't be great as the book)..i guess it all depends on how eclipse -and what did they cut from the plot- turns out to be..

    all in all its a great story and the actors are amazing i hope the rest of the films do them justice..they should be nominated for an academy oscar or something...its a pity to settle with just a mediocre production when you can achieve so much more.. (i loved how the camera moved and captured the scenes in twilight, the plot and final editing of the new moon movie was way better but i wasn t impressed director wise

  5. if they made an older Renesmee, i would love to play her :)...dream come true!

  6. i cant wait to see Renesmee Carlie Cullen..........the author has gone to such gr8 extents to describe the beauty of being one of a kind 4 Renesmee.......plus the fact dat Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are playin Mum n Dad 2 her.........i cant wait 2 see em put their feet in dat role.......imma sure its gonna b gr8......im waitin n waitin 4 Breaking Dawn....