Friday, January 15, 2010

Poor Kristen And Rob, They Just Can't Get A Break

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have nowhere to hide these days. It seems no matter where the stars go, they're sure to be spotted and, consequentially, harassed. Whether they're hanging out together or flying solo, the paparazzi is making sure the two know just where they stand in Hollywood's eye. All the rumors that surround them seem to only propel the spotlight's heat. Although these actors are loved, it doesn't mean they don't deserve to be treated like human beings.

There's talk that the two did like their time on the Isle of Wight for New Year's because they could actually walk around without being mobbed constantly. They're rumored to be looking into buying a place there so they can escape Hollywood whenever they want. Who knows whats true anymore when it comes to rumors, they're crazy out there, but you have to wonder would their situation get any better if people just knew flat out what was going on between them, or do you think it would just get worse? People have to remember that celebrities are people too, they're people just like you and I with feelings and thoughts including a need for personal time once in awhile. They're not animals in a zoo that are on exhibit to be photographed and stared at all day.

Does it seem like they're a little sick of the attention to you?

Kristen Seeming Irritated
Rob Trying to Hide
{via SugarScape}


  1. poor rob and kristen :/ i know if iwas in hollywood and i saw them id like go attack them.. but who wouldent. :( aww that makes me feel bad for having thoughts of wanting to attack them :(

  2. I really do feel sorry for them...

  3. that is terrible- they shouldnt have to lay low- the paparazzi should