Friday, January 22, 2010

Rachelle Lefevre Adopts Rescue Pups

Rachelle Lefevre DogsThe gorgeous Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria for Twilight and New Moon, just adopted two rescue pups with her boyfriend Jamie. Good for you Rachelle, my pup was adopted too! PeoplePets has the story:

"They were both on the 'at risk' list," Lefevre tells "If no one rescued them within the week they were going to be put down." In an instant, cocker spaniel Momma Bear and miniature poodle Jack Sprat were given a second chance at life.

Lefevre, a big proponent of animal rescue, lost her dog Honey on Dec. 17. "Jamie and I miss her every day and still talk about her all the time," she says. "When you take on the responsibility of an animal you know that if nature goes according to plan, then most likely you will outlive them — it's just part of the deal." So Lefevre decided that rescuing a new pooch (or two!) would honor Honey in the sweetest way.

Immediately after adopting Momma Bear, 5, and Jack Sprat, 4 — both of whom she felt an "instant connection" to — Lefevre took them to the Healthy Spot for a bath and a trim. "They were so dirty and Momma Bear's coat was a mess," she says. "After baths and haircuts they were so much happier and more comfortable, so bonding was easier."

Now, the pups are settling well into their new home. "We haven't experienced a single moment of aggression from them," Lefevre boasts. "They follow us into every room like, 'Now what are we doing?' It's amazing!"

Though Lefevre is happy to give them free reign, Big Momma does have some rules — particularly when it comes to her diet. Tweeting that the pup has to lose 10 lbs., the actress says she's put her on a low-calorie, organic meal plan. "She gets a hike every day, no exceptions. But even in the time we've had her, she's had twice as much energy and already looks better." As for people food? Only when Lefevre boils chicken breast — "which they lose their minds for!"


  1. OMG! I hope the puppies don't eat her head.

  2. I think this is just wonderful a heart full of love and passion which both will be be very blessed in so many ways.This gal will not only become world famous but God is going to make her one of the biggest stars that shine as the stars He made in Heaven...Everyone watch and see this come true for when one can think of a small animal's life far greater then theirs when knowing they were going to be put down,well trust me He is mighty pleased and her reward along with James whatever he doe's will be so blessed.
    Thank you for doing this I to love animals so much and have three shih tzu all girls.Richelle we will sure miss you in the next Twilight Eclipse but know you had a conflict of your shedule so good luck and it is going to pay off.God Bles you and James both...and momma bear long with Jack both which are cuties..

  3. that is so sweet of her to adopt those puppies , I also have a rescue dog his name is boomer and I have had him now for two yrs