Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reelz Channel: Bryce Dallas Howard Interview

Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Victoria in Eclipse, sat down with Reelz Channel for an interview.  In the video clip below she discusses when she got the role and David Slade's, director of Eclipse, incredible talent.

"For me, [Eclipse] is the scariest book also out of the series. And David really understands that and understands how to terrify and create incredible adventures and I think he was very well suited for this material," Howard says of Slade.

Howard goes on to say that she felt really lucky that the Twilight cast, who had grown so close during the shooting of Twilight and New Moon, had welcomed her with open arms.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) pops up into the interview saying that Howard is one of his favorite actresses.

And here is Bryce's dad, Ron Howard, discussing his daughter's experience working with such a huge saga.

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