Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rob Voted into Top 25 of Most Stylish Men in World

CG Cover Johnny DeppWhile the sexy Johnny Depp claimed the top spot as the most stylish man in the world, the Twilight Saga's Robert Pattinson was able to claim a spot in the top 25. However, I must say I disagree with the best hair since James Dean, because you can't come close to James Dean's head of hair, so sorry Rob.

'And what is GQ's position on Pattinson, the Twi-Hards' beloved Edward Cullen?

"A pair of jeans, a T-shirt, an unbuttoned and untucked plaid shirt.... That’s it. He dresses his age (23); he dresses to his strengths; he dresses so you don’t give a damn about how he’s dressed." So sayeth GQ.

They also visit that heartthrob hair: "Young Rob’s probably got the best head of hair since James Dean, and he lets it do the talking. He also lets it fly: no pompadour, no side part... As far as we can tell, he just runs his hands through it every five minutes." '

{via LATimes}


  1. i think jhonny deep and robert pattinson will be able in this top 25

  2. wow.. jhonny deep si so sexy man,, i like this when plays on pirates of the carebbean