Saturday, January 23, 2010

Robert Pattinson on 'Hope For Haiti Now' Telethon

Robert Pattinson, along with numerous other celebrities including Taylor Lautner and Anna Kendrick, took part in a two hour Haiti for Now telethon last night (January 22). Rob was doing his part in London, telling a story of a Haitian survivor named Maxine Fallon. She had been trapped under a flattened university for six days until rescuers found her due to a text message she sent out that led them to her whereabout. It really is a remarkable story.

Here is Rob's full speech via Hollywood Crush:

Underneath a flattened university, Maxine Fallon waited. She was crouched in a fetal position and could barely move. In the darkness and during the hectic sounds of the day, through the pain, the hunger and thrist, she prayed that someone would find her. And on the sixth day her prayers were answered, she was found because of a text message from the rubble sent rescuers to her side. Unlike any other event in history, our world has been connected to this tragedy because of technology. Twitter updates, Facebook pages with pictures of the missing and text messages for help. This technology is working right now to connect us, too. At, you can donate and you can instantly interact with people in Haiti and anywhere in the globe. Join with those watching and see what they're saying about something we all care deeply about — helping the Haitian people get back on their feet. Please go to Thank you.

Taylor and Anna were part of the LA phone crew who were taking calls from anyone who wanted to pledge a donation for the cause.

Tinsel Korey was MTV News' guest correspondent and she closed out the night by reflecting on the moments of the telethon that touched her the most and reminding us that their is still work to be done for Haiti.

Here is what she had to say:

I was asked by MTV to write a piece after the show was over, about the telethon. Like a lot of you I sat watching wishing I could pack a bag and go there and help. I found myself wishing there was more that I could do.

Some people on Twitter were apologizing for how they only gave a little, to which I want to say: It's not how much you donate — it's that you did. Every dollar counts, every e-mail counts, every phone call counts. It all helps.

What was beautiful about the evening was not any specific individual performance. To me, everyone put their heart on the stage and sent a vibration of love to the cause.

What was amazing is that the telethon even happened; everyone put aside their personal agendas and joined together to make this event a successful one. George Clooney said at the end that the thank-you shouldn't be sent to him, but to everyone who contributed. So thank you to everyone who contributed in whatever capacity they could.

So, what now? Time for bed, Haiti will be good now, right? Nope. This is just the beginning. Please keep spreading the word. Organize events in your school, work or community centers; raise money and create awareness. Anyone has the ability to make a difference if they'll just try.

Send a check or money order payable to HOPE FOR HAITI NOW to:
Hope for Haiti Now
FILE 1372
1801 West Olympic Blvd
Pasadena, California 91199-1372
Or, you can do it online from anywhere in the world at

The money you send gets divided between the following charities: The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, United Nations World Food Programme, Oxfam America, Partners in Health, Red Cross, UNICEF and the Yele Haiti Foundation.

We all live on this planet. We all have a responsibility to take care of one another, so let's all do our part.


  1. I'm glad they all came together for this. Since this is a Twilight Blog I will say Rob looks like a werewolf and is gaining weight as well for his role in an upcoming movie. Question is will he have the umph, and motivation to lose it again when he needs to for other rolls. The beard is easy to get rid off the weight is harder.
    I think the beard looks terrible even on the Teleathon lastnight, yeah okay he needs it for a roll but trim it or something, and he looked so emotionless is his speech lastnight I don't know what it is with this guy that everyone loves, when he walks around in public he stares at his feet he always looks depressed. Shy or not, you shouldn't have that ora about you.

  2. He was the very opposite of emotionless...his voice cracked numerous times and his eyes looked watery to me,it wasn't a happy event so why would he have been anything other than somber?He is shy and the aura he gives off is his own business...he proved last night what a goodhearted and kind person he really is,yet he gets criticised by the likes of you for trying to do a good deed!As for his appearance,I think the beard is sexy, he looks manly and healthier than he has seemed in a long time.Yes, the weight is for bel ami but it doesn't look like all that much to me,the many layers of clothes and facial hair do add to the heavier affect, but his legs and torso under the jacket seemed as slender as ever in the pictures I saw.His speech made me cry, at 23 to stand up there knowing you would be shown amongst all those heavyweights would be terrifying especially for someone as timid as Rob, but he did it anyway,and his fans are proud of him....the rest don't matter.

  3. I completely agree with Sarah. I am 21 and even though I am a media person, confident and all, I know first hand how challenging it is to be a part of such a huge platform such as Hope For Haiti Now and not choke or make any bloopers.

    I have the utmost respect for Robert Pattinson for showing up for this telethon, despite the fact that he his known for his aversion to media.

    In my opinion, Rob looked absolutely fantastic. Not because he looked stunning, not because he is idolised all over, not because he is in the best shape but simply because he showed up!

    To be 23 and have such a massive impact on people from all over the world, being flooded by overnight success, no one can blame Robert for being overwhelmed.

    I know tons of boys around his age, who are pretty much wasting their life away. Rob knew that his presence would bring in more followers and he showed up simply for that.

    When Rob came on he looked exasperated and tired because it was about 1:55 am in London and 6:55 am here in Pakistan.

    Personally, I am rather glad that most of the celebrities dressed down for the telethon. There was nothing to celebrate, no reason for them to look absolutely glamorous.

    Rob spoke with as much emotion as was required there and then. I am not advocating for him, he does not know me and chances are, he never will.

    Considering no celebrity ever visits this side of the globe, I probably will never see him in real life. I merely speak the facts and the fact is that he did a good deed.

    I applaud Robert and all the other young emerging actors along with the known celebrities who came out for this cause.

    The celebrities left their parties, their homes, their agendas and most of all the divas within them at home, for which we are all thank full.

    Robert came on the show not as some huge star but simply as a normal person. He is an ordinary guy gifted with talent and luck has shined upon him. Do not criticise him for being human.

    Indeed his fans are proud of him.