Monday, January 18, 2010

Taylor Lautner and Anna Kendrick at The Golden Globes

Both Taylor and Anna attended The Golden Globes earlier this evening (January 17th). Anna wore a gorgeous one-shoulder Marchesa gown while Taylor accessorized his Calvin Klein suit with a bowtie.

Anna was nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in Up in the Air. Unfortunately, she didn't take home that title (It went to Mo’Nique for Precious. For a complete list of winners, click here.

Here are two videos of Taylor - Two from the red carpet and the other of him presenting one of the nominees for Best Picture - 500 Days of Summer.

Ryan Seacrest has Guiliana Rancic ask Taylor about his recent lunch date at The Olive Garden and we also get to hear what Taylor looks for in a girl - Someone who can be themselves.

I love this up-in-Taylor's-pretty-face vid from The Dish Rag. LOL!

{via Twilightxchange}


  1. Ohh sad, Taylor & Anna should've gotten a photo together!

  2. anna looks ahh-mazing !
    taylor looking sexy as usual ;)

  3. wow way to support Haiti Taylor!!!

  4. Wow, Anna looks stunning! That dress is gorgeous!!
    Taylor.....................well, words always fail me when I see him! Yum! ;)

  5. Wow Taylor. Um..... WOW .... Words fail me he was/is sook hot

  6. i love what they're both wearing

  7. I loved Anna's dress lastnight, She looked absolutly geourgus. Did anyone watch carry ann inabas interview with george c.? She was walking by and fell (: it was funny, but she's good. and I dont want to be rude but, When i see taylor l. In Pictures and magazines I think ohh yea good looking guy. But in new moon i was breathless. I really think if it wasent for him ganing them extra muscles that he would just be another actor. With out his shirt on girls go crazy, (me too!) but if it wasent for the hard work and effort he put into it, He would not be this far<3
    -team edward- (sorry taylor)

  8. oh!! My boy looks great. He always looks great!!!

  9. Anna looks gorgeous (: it would have been heaps cool if Kristen and Robert were there.