Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taylor Lautner Is Orange and LG's Star Ambassador

It looks like the man behind this video is none other than the werewolf himself - Taylor Lautner. Who else could look so good from the back in a dres shirt ;)

The following clip is a LG and Orange promotional video. Here's what it's all about (translated from Youtube info):
We are seeking an ambassador to accompany to our star with their trip to Europe. Would you like it to be you?

This Sunday we will show you the identity of our hidden personage. It remains attentive to the channel of Youtube of LG Mobile where we will show you the details of the promotion.

Translation: He’s young. He’s handsome. He’s famous. Nevertheless, we will need you. Are you completely ready to turn into “Star Ambassador”?

Translation: For his next visit to Spain, Taylor Lautner, the most famous werewolf, needs to find someone to trust in so you can be his agent and. .. Meet him in person! To become their ambassador you need to accept many challenges, connecting your social network and, above all, stay connected at all times. Are you up to this challenge?

Update: Here is the second video revealing that the man behind the dress shirt is Taylor Lautner :)

Will you be chosen to be Taylor's ambassador through Europe?



  1. How can i participate???!!! .... I'm from barcelona!!! *_*

  2. Is it ONLY in Spain? If so...SHI** :) good luck Spanish fangirls!!

  3. It's just not fair. I don't live in spain damned it!

  4. does it only have to be spanish people I really don't get this, i just love taylor for who he is !