Friday, January 29, 2010

Taylor Lautner on Role in 'Valentine's Day'

There's only a few more weeks until we get to see Taylor Lautner star in an A-list packed comedic movie, Valentine's Day. In this clip, Taylor discusses his character, Willy, and how he got involved with the film as well as his own stunt he did (check it out in the next clip!).

To learn more about the different storylines involved in the movie as well as promote the film, here are 12 clips presented by T-squared's appearance starts at 5:53.

Ouch! Hope he didn't hurt himself too bad after jumping that hurdle!


  1. that really has to hurt

  2. that was pretty funny..

  3. its okay baby, you're still hot. lmao

  4. i wish they were boys like that in my high school..well reality check..they weren't any.