Monday, January 11, 2010

Ted Casablanca's 'Twilight' Bitch-Back!

Ted Casablanca of E!'s The Awful Truth clears up the misunderstandings and answers the questions about Robsten, T-Squared, and Nikki Reed.

Dear Ted:
I don't understand your Robsten info. What you want to say? Rob and Kristen are just friends? Summit pays Kris, for her going to UK (PR Stunt)? God I'm so confused. Please can you try to be more clear! Thank you.

Dear Wordsmith:
No, I never said PR stunt. She wants to be there. But while Robsten's away, don't think they're totally free to play. Their people are working overtime, checking every blog and blolum around to see what's being said out there about 'em, that's the point. But, be assured: Robsten flies free of the crap themselves, at least, for now they do.

Dear Ted:
I'm a French Canadian and since I discovered your column I'm addicted to it! So I know Tay-squared is over, but there are some rumors that the person sitting next to Taylor Lautner at the People Choice Awards was Taylor Swift's bodyguard and it was the same one who was with him when they were first seen together in Chicago. Is there a sign here about something nobody sees? And since we are in the teen world, is there something juicy about one of the Jonas brothers these days? Love your work!

Dear Tay Time:
I wouldn't take that as a sign...they are friends still after all. Trust me on this, Tay-Squared ain't happening (romantically) anytime soon. As for the JoBro's they're so 2009, don't you think?

Dear Ted:
So Rob and Nikki hooked up. I know it didn't work out. Do you know why? Was Nikki really into him? After this supposed hook up he and Kristen started dating. Whether it was weeks or days after doesn't matter. What I am trying to say is...doesn't that make Rob and Kristen bad guys as in they started dating immediately after this without considering Nikki's feelings? What did Rob tell Nikki? Did he just dump her? And, also, there's Michael Angarano obviously something "triggered" the end in their relationship. So all in all what I am trying to point out is, from my POV Rob and Kristen did not consider these people's feelings if it was how it went come no one ever looks at it this way?

Dear Fresh Viewpoint:
And now you're thinking like a studio suit (and publicist) my darling. Hence why Robsten was never a good idea in the beginning. As for Rob and Nikki: yes, she was the one hurt in the end by what went down there. Rob and Nikki weren't exactly dating though.

Dear Ted:
Happy New Year! I found your Robsten's Watching You Watching Them blog confusing. Is it that the Twilight franchise folks don't want Rob & Kristen's couple status promoted or they don't want media outlets claiming that Rob & Kristen are a couple only for promotional purposes? Is there any truth to the contention that Rob's people are trying to maintain his single image for PR purposes? Keep the Robsten coverage coming.

Dear Not so Confused:
Don't know what you're hung up on, because you sound pretty dead on in everything you just listed.

{via E! Online}

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