Friday, January 22, 2010

'Twilight' Inspires Milan Fashion Week

Twilight, soccer and fashion were brought together at Milan Fashion week through designer Maurizio Modica. This past Sunday, Maurizio introduced his men's collection for fall and winter.

Check out the weird vampire looking heads on the screen around the 2:35 mark.

Hollywood Crush says:

Made up to look pale and accentuate their dark eyes, the models can be seen in slim fitting retro-styled suits devoid of anything but neutral colors — well, save for the splashes of red here and there, which was most likely a reference to blood. The brooding Edward Cullen look-alikes were also sporting scarves while carrying darkly-designed soccer balls. And although Taylor Lautner was nowhere to be found, there were plenty of shirtless guys to make up for his absence.

What do you think about the line? It's all very fashion week-esque :)

{via Hollywood Crush}


  1. that was.. Interesting.

  2. that was... crap Robert/Taylor are much better looking and have much better fashion than those guys. In fact, all the other Cullens have better taste than that actually.

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