Friday, January 8, 2010

TwilightBlog No Longer Moderating Comments

Hello Twilighters! It used to be that in order to comment on our site you had to wait a few hours for us to approve your comment. We did this to avoid spam postings.

However, we now use a CAPTCHA (those random letters, numbers) to verify that you are indeed a HUMAN (or, maybe a Vampire or Werewolf...?) and not a computer posting spammy links.

We hope this will encourage more posting and Twilight discussion!

Comment away, everyone!


  1. This is my first commment here. I´m sorry but my english is not so good, so I will continue in spanish. Soy de Argentina y no tengo precisamente la edad promedio de las fans de Twilight (I´m 23 years old) Soy maestra y mis alumnas son fanáticas de los libros desde el 2008. I saw the first movie two weeks ago and since then... I can´t even describe how I changed. Ahora estoy de vacaciones (long holidays, hasta febrero)y no puedo parar de pensar en la historia. Leí en tres días Eclipse y Amanecer y estoy esperando que llegue junio con mucha ansiedad. I think Twilight is not the best book in history (I´m a litearature teacher), but just a few books could make what this particular story did. Estoy totalmente sorprendida y sigo viendo las películas over and over again. Gracias a la gente de este blog por seguir alimentando esta locura adolescente que tengo en la cabeza. VG

  2. TEAM TAYLOR <3 :')