Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Scenes Should Be In 'Eclipse'?

I found and article on goodreads and thought I'd share it with you.

Movies tend to be no more than two hours long. For most that is long enough, especially when you are sitting in a theater. But is that really enough time to fit all of are beloved eclipse moments. I know all of us hardcore twilighters would sit for hours upon hours in a movie theater, but we do need to look at this rationally. In twilight there were some scenes that cut from the movie that were major things in the book and having those things out of the movie caused a uproar in a lot of boards and forums. But did having those things cut really make a difference, people who hadn’t read twilight, still got the idea behind the book. Anyways back to eclipse, eclipse is a good size book. A lot happens and I’m afraid that some major scenes could risk getting cut. Here is a list of my top 20 some scenes that should be in the movie.

(Note: these are in order that they appeared in the book)

1. Charlie passing notes between Bella and Jacob. - To me this just shows how bad things got between Jacob and Bella. And just how bad its hurting Jacob

2. All of the newspaper articles about Seattle. - If we didn’t have this then a lot of people who didn’t read the book would be very lost.

3. The trip to see Renee. - I think this is a must because, otherwise Renee would never see how Bella and Edward act together.

4. The English note conversation.- Ok I’ll admit it, this isn’t a major thing but I just love the scene so much. I had to throw it in here, plus it’s a good follow up on the trip.

5. Save the Olympic Wolf/ Jacob scene - This Scene shows how much Bella misses Jacob and the fact that you have to work fast when there’s a psychic vampire involved.

6. Angela and Bella - Its nice to see Bella hang out with other people, other than the Cullens.

7. Alice kidnapping Bella - The amazing Porsche finally comes into play. Bella and Alice get to spend more time together. Also Rosalie becomes a little bit like-able.

8. Jacobs school rescue. - it’s a nice little touch.

9. (MIA) Room - When they really start to realize that someone is after Bella

10. Knife incident - Edward gets to be light-hearted and funny.

11. Bomb fire - Bella first gets the idea of the third wife

12. Jasper’s Story - Who doesn’t love hearing about Jasper’s past, plus it helps Bella understand being a newborn vampire a little bit more

13. The kiss - Jacob trying to make Bella realize that she loves him to, so he kisses her. Really how can this not be in it. And a bonus Emmett gets to have his very famous funny line.

14. The bet - I know that this one is small, but I like it

15. Graduation/party - A lot happens Bella figures out some major information and everyone finally gets to see the Cullens’ house. Jacob also makes Bella a bracelet

16. Training - MAJOR

17. Comprise - MAJOR, MAJOR. Hello this is like the biggest must have ever. I say every little detail should be in the movie.

18. The tent - Bella realizes she loves both Jacob and Edward

19. The fight - need I say more

20. Poor Jacob - Jacob’s whole right side of his body is broken. Bella gets to spend time with him alone. it’s a very cute scene

21. Planning - Alice finds out she gets to plan a wedding.

{Via goodreading}


  1. i think the books should have been followed closer (word by word if i would have chosen) ...a lot of things have been lost...the intensity of the story was diminished by excluding little things for the directors but very important for the viewer/reader....i bet even if the movies would have been longer all the fans would have paid even a higher ticket price to watch what if movies tend to be 2 hours long? ....Twilight is not just a movie....something Summit just don't understands...

  2. I agree with most of this... most of it is major storyline!!
    Especially the tent scene, the first kiss, Alice kidnapping Bella, Jaspers History, Jacobs rescue from school, the 3rd wife story, and the fight scene but I have a few bits Id like to have added.
    Rosalies History in which they could slip in Emmetts history slightly, Leahs story... her heartache over sam and being the only girl wolf, Bellas request of sex for marriage, and also the scene of Bella & Edward telling Charlie about the marriage. Also they should slip the Dartmouth thing in somehow and also the whole imprinting thing before Breaking Dawn just springs it on unsuspecting movie only fans. Oh also what about Irina and her feelings for Laurent... they have to mentioned somehow since they are vital to why she calls the Volturi in Breaking Dawn!! I love these movies and much was left out of the last two but I have come to realize that with these movies and also my other obsession of Harry Potter... the movies and books are like two different entities and they will never be reconciled. I only hope the writers and directors do their best to keep the overall feel for us!! Only June will tell...♥

  3. i think that in this movie all the parts of bella and edward should stay because then when she realizes that she loves Jacob we can see the deference. and this books is like the two of them like really in love and her choosing him and not jacob.and her and rob going to see reen,and Alice kidnapping her and edward to thats important and jacob taking bella thats important and the tent i want to see them remember there fav nights and the proposal i cant WAIT LOL im gonna cry.i think the little moment between bedward matter a lot in this book so they should be in the movie

  4. One of my favorites lines from the book is when Bella leaves the message on Edward's phone saying "angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home" after she finds out that Alice kidnapped her. That line better be in the movie.

  5. thats good, no majors were left out; and its mostly in there, twilight left way to much out, and new moon was a bit better, hopefully eclipse will be just as good

  6. The books are thoroughly enjoyable and Twilight movie did leave soo much out that the movie just didn't do the book ANY justice. New Moon was better as well as better acting, all the actors seemed to improve in that area. I do hope that Eclipse will be even better true form to the book and actors again increase in talent to pull this off. I am disappointed tho that Breaking Dawn will be it because it leaves you hanging and if Stephenie ever decides to finish Midnite Sun well it may be too late as many will have moved on. You just cant put off an ending to a book for 5+ years and still expect to have a good following. Time will tell. Right now I am in the heart of fandom and loving it all!

  7. Okey all of the above are great, but most important one is 'giving of the hand me downs'. this extends to the 'tent scene' too. Of coures they have to include all the hot kissing scenes especially when bella is horny..... They also should put that scene where Edward gets very horny at the end and Bella asks for the ring back to tell Chalie.

  8. I´m totally agree with you, and when you think it carefully must of these scenes wouldn't take so much part of the movie

  9. I first have a confession, I missed out on the outbreak of this saga at first. I watched Twilight first and feel in love. Then watched New Moon. I became really excited having not read the books that I decided to go out and read all 4 of them from the beginning knowing how books to movies go (having been obsessed with Harry Potter). I am now very distressed on the movies. I agree with all the movies. This saga is not being done justice on screen by the producers and screenwriters. He tells Bella tat he loves her in those words in the book not the movie, you miss that and soooo much more. The differences between Twilight the book and movie are huge! and you lose so much that not are they only leaving things out but they are changing the story. I would rather much enjoy a longer movie that does it justice. All of the above are necessary for the movie to portray and soo much more. they are leaving key elements out and it takes too much away.You can fall in love but the dynamic of how deep and true thier love is and how compelling it is just doesnt hit the screen the way it should. Do I love the movies, yes, however I am hoping they continue all the way to the end and do better, we will wait to see in June and hopefully, well no they have to do Breaking Dawn, Its like saying they arent going to make Deathly Hallows, Its just wrong in so many ways. this needs to be done til the end even if they make it into 5 movies, even better, because they can show more of the honeymoon and elaborate and really show the important things we need to see on the big screen.

  10. i agree with those seens because without them it is tough to undrestand the movie on the right way but again we must go to the same point what we read was a book sometimes books should be more diffrent than movies anyway they can make the movie on two parts we dont have problem in that but it will be too long time to see breaking down because i am so exited to see breaking down

  11. um wow, this is so hard because the book is amazing! they really need to step the movie up to coincide with the books, the dynamic and power of Bella and Edward love is just not completely grasped in the movies. Need more of them and it needs to conform more to the book. Chapter 20 should definitely be there, there are no favorites in the book because I love all of it!

  12. Agreed with the person who named all those events . im so excited for eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D <3