Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alex Meraz Dressed in Disguise?

So I noticed that Alex Meraz (Paul) had posted a new photo to his official Myspace page and I had to take a closer look to really see who it was and yes, it IS Alex Meraz! LOL!

His caption for the picture was:
I'm soooo famous now I can't even go outside without a disguise!!!!!

I love how Alex has such a great sense of humor! Would you recognize him if you saw him on the streets? Well, I guess the wolf's outta the bag...literally ;P

{via Alex Meraz Official MySpace}


  1. What? No heels? Bet he'd look sexy in stilettos....

  2. LOL, that's so cute.
    I love Alex, he's one funny kid, well older person than me!

  3. That`s brilliant =D

  4. Well can´t deny it he really looks hot, without doubt... :D

  5. that is just to funny! now that we know who it is- the stuffed animal in the bag is kinda of a hint!

  6. that is hilarius!! :L i luv da wolf out of da bad thing lol. I wonder who took the picture?? :P xxx