Saturday, January 9, 2010

Will 'Eclipse' Be 'Sexier' Than 'New Moon'?

Well, yeah, I hope so! Leg hitch and all! ;)

Ted Casablanca of E!'s Awful Truth tackels this very important question. And the answer? Looks like we'll have to wait till Breaking Dawn. Ugh. Yes, Ted, it's definitely torture!

Taylor Lautner spent the last year all pumped and primped within an inch of his girlie gym-body tummy, but to what end? We went on a mission to discover if all that sweat will finally pay off in his next Twilight appearance alongside the gal he so doesn't deserve, Kristen Stewart.

We demanded to know just how love-tingling Eclipse, due this summer, may or may not be (we actually may be seeing it shortly)

Super plugged-in source Deep Twi responded:

"It's more about the fight scenes. They're awesome; it's what it's all about."

Like idiots, Taryn and I inquired about this grave matter with great hope, since Breaking Dawn, we're still assured, will be "very" sexy and "much more" emotionally romantic between stars Robert Pattinson and Stewart.

As to whether or not Lautner provides K.Stew with some more ab-perfect battling for her R.Pattz allegiance in Eclipse, we were told:

"No, it's even more action than New Moon, that's where the tension is between them all."

Damn those Mormons. They're always causing such problems. Stephenie Meyer, who's still watching the fantastically successful baby she created like a sexually repressed hawk, is constantly swooping in and asserting her wait-until-marriage sex thing. This has got to stop.

"She's still a creative consultant," another Twi insider relayed to us. "Everything goes by her."

Translation: No bumping uglies—or anything remotely close—transpires until Edward and Bella are properly united in Breaking Dawn. So not fair. Not to mention preposterously ridiculous. Could you imagine if Miley Cyrus had been cast as Bella instead of Kristen? Exactly.

Still, guess the good news is that B.D., in all it's church-sanctioned matrimonial nooky, will be a celluloid treat for all of us who just can't wait for Rob and Kris—I mean Edward and Bella—to finally get it on.

I mean, how much horny longing and moping can fans of romantic movies take?

It's torture, nothing less!
{via The Awful Truth}


  1. Of course will it be!!!! More Robert Pattinson!!! ♥

  2. I'm a bit offended by this. I'm mormon. What is wrong with innocence in love, and waiting til your married to "bump uglies"? Uh...nothing. Don't be so prejudice of something you don't take the time out to understand. I'm not following you anymore. Especially if you'll insult something you know nothing about.

  3. Agreed. Litte girls follow these movies. There is no reason to put more sex into movies than there already is. Just respect Stephanie Meyer and her work. Thanks.

  4. Apparently the people at E! care more about seeing some 'hot action' on screen than respecting the sanctity of Human-on-Vampire marriages.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I want more!!!!!! ;-)

  6. i think u shd wait till marriage to have sex. juz respect stephenie meyer's works. she is an excellent writer.

  7. i agree with those who think that we should stick to the books and not steam up the things where they are not required but the leg hitch scene was in the book and so it is okay to add it in the movie too. i, for one, would be very disappointed if it's not there

  8. Well to follow in true form to the book we have to wait til Breaking Dawn for after they are married but it needs to be more passionate than they have done so far. We are losing way too much from the books as it is, the PASSION needs to be there, its not the same if its not. they can't skip the parts that they talk about it and such its just part of the progress into something more beautiful and magical. I can't wait and hope that Eclipse finally BRINGS IT! We CAN'T LOSE ANYMORE THAN WE ALREADY HAVE! with the screenwriters and producers, we need a knock your socks off movie that follows the book!!!!!

  9. I was raised to be a mormon, though I lost my faith. But I still think the "no sex before marriage" is a smart thing. I also think that you should respect what Stephenie believes in...she is the writer and creator after all, to. And you have to think about what you would have done if you wrote a book wich was going to become a movie and then the director desides to change it in a way you as the creator doesn't like... wouldn't you be at least annoyed?

    Now, please exuse my spelling, I'm 16 years and from Sweden and I have an oppinion.