Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exclusive First Look at The 'Jacob Black' Doll

Have you been looking forward to adding Jacob Black to your Twilight collection? Well wait no further - MTV has the exclusive first look at the Tonner Jacob doll, complete with Quileute tattoo and big muscles!

Tonner first debuted its Laurent, Victoria, James and "Hungry Edward" dolls during last July's Comic-Con in San Diego. You'll be able to purchase the Jacob doll this summer.

The doll will retail at $149.99 and only a limited number - 3000 - will be available for purchase. To be notified of the exact release date sign up for Tonner's mailing list.

{via Hollywood Crush}


  1. First comment... Freaky. Edward and Bella doll's were enough now Jacob Black doll's! AHHH!

  2. his face looks like a girl

  3. I agree , his face does look feminine . :P

  4. this is not the jacob doll we bought,, ours looks more like him and he is not wearing a shirt