Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashley Greene!

Twilight Saga cutie Ashley Greene is celebrating her 23rd birthday today! You can see Ashley's TwilightBlog biography here.

Ashley Greene


  1. i absolutely luv her!!! she' beautiful and i don't think they could have chosen a better alice!!
    love your news flashes in twitter!
    i'm following u! thanks 4 following me!

  2. ^^i agree you coun't of chosen a better Alice :)
    'n' her hair is gorgeous
    OMG she is just all roung ace
    Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!

  3. Sweetest b-day wishes to Ashley! We all think your perfect for Alice!

  4. omG.! happy birtHday!!!! i loVe her!.. :D

  5. happy birthday ashley

  6. Happy Birthday Ashley ! We love you !!

    Kisses.. xD

  7. happy birthday my beautiful ashley hehe i really love you hehe im a girl im kristine 11 yrs. old maybe im a kid but i really admire you i think your the most beautiful , cute ,gorgeous and graceful girl ive ever saw may you have a happy and merry birthday ,i and my classmates really love you i hope i will see you in the future hehe i love you very much, muah muah muah i love you not as a crush or idol but as love

  8. Happy birthday Ashley, I hope you had loads of fun!! :)

  9. happy happy happy birthday asher !!!!
    im sorry if it's belated ..
    so happy for you ..
    more birthdays to come..
    more candles to blow ..
    more cakes to slice ..
    good luck !!

  10. happy are so great...<3

  11. Happy Birthday Ashley!!!
    Sorry if its belated,
    i've been so busy...
    Hope everything is going GREAT!!! :D
    "And I promise to remember Alice
    When I'm at a mall and a cute outfit
    spots me!!!"
    Wish You all the luck you need!!!:D

  12. Happy Birthday Ashley Green. She is my one of the Favorite actress in the Hollywood..

  13. Happy Birthday Ashley (sorry its belated)
    u'r an idol to me and all my friends.
    u'r my favourite actress and u r perfect in twilight as Alice
    'Go Ashley'

  14. que padre ashli feliz hapyy berdi cumples el mismo mes q yo eres mi idola tkm