Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kellan Lutz Parties at Michael Bay's Home

Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz (Emmett) dressed up for the "Big Give Big Game" event that took place at American film director and producer Michael Bay's home in Miami, FL yesterday (February 6). Kellan looked amazing in a military shirt, skinny tie and newsboy cap.

{via Kellan Lutz Online}


  1. I could just melt. And those eyes!

  2. looking good kellan , :)

  3. I love also to watch Kellan but every time I read something about him he is partying and I hope he is not getting caught up in this Hollywood glamour that he forgets to control himself...They think they can til its to late and into rehab...I see a party boy and hope im wrong I adore him to just hate to see him mess up his career.You don't read about all the other Twilight members doing this but anything I pick up to read with him in it it has to do with a party or some sort.Keep it straight Kellan your on a good path don't destory it sweety