Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner's Oscar Date on E! News

Here is E! News' clip discussing Kristen and Taylor's upcoming Academy Awards show appearance on March 7. Be sure and tune in to see the duo present and walk the red carpet!


  1. Maybe it is just me but I find it rather annoying how excited the fans get about celebrity relationships and 'potential' hookups.

    I mean, come on spend a semester with anyone and you befriend them, these guys made 3 movies together so far.

    Whether they are just friends or anything else is really no one's business.

    I think the media and we the fans tend to be a little hypocrital at times, sure they are celebrities but they did not sell their lives to the media or anything.

    Photocalls and movie promotions are one thing. Personal life is different altogether.

    After all would you like if everyone acted all nosy about you?

    Think about it...

  2. Qudsia you make a valid point. taylor and kristen are good friends and its really no one's business what they do in their personal lives. unfortunately, that's what the media feeds on and they will always stir up some kind of gossip or rumor to get people talking. this is what ruins the lives of these young actors. its a good thing that they are both grounded and refuse to feed into it.

  3. i can see where you guys are coming from. but on the other hand, if they dont tell the media about who they are with then how would we know who's with who? besides we all know that Kristen Stewart and robert pattinson are together. so what's the big deal? it's just two friends who have done 3 movies together and are presenting the oscar awards on march 7.

  4. I really think you are blowing it all up for no reason. Kristen said they are "presenting" together that doesnt mean anything, and noone ever thought they were together to begin with. I agree that they need privacy. But how long has the paparazzi been around how many eons have stars complained about no privacy but these people go into this buisness knowing that privacy walked out the door. especially if you want to become a well established actor. I think these three actors handle themselves and their private lives well because we really dont know ANYTHING!

  5. i think its really hard to choose between two handsome guy but kristen and taylor are only good friends hehe and i think its nothing because they do it bec its their work hehe thanks im kristine 11 yrs old.

  6. - taylor lautner or robert patinson it is hard for a girl to pick only one hawty to walk with her on the red carpet ---- wat is the problem if she goes with both of them anyway they all r friends . loooooooooooool.