Friday, February 19, 2010

Kristen Stewart Discusses Engagement Scene in 'Eclipse'

At her The Yellow Handkerchief premiere in LA last night, Kristen told MTV that she hoped the engagement scene "didn't look stupid" and was believable.

I'm sure it turned out GREAT! That's one scene I'm anxious to see! :)

{via MTV}


  1. I'm sure it turned out the best! I couldn't help myself so I read the script. I was kinda disapointed cause a lot of stuff is left out and it's like a whole new version of the story but I cried at that scene. It's amazing I just want to see the film on screen now!

  2. hiya neza i was woundering where did u get the script to read??

  3. Yes neza....where did u get the script? Can you share it with us?

  4. So excited for that scene .
    That was my fav part of eclipse [chapter 21]