Monday, February 22, 2010

Kristen Stewart Discusses Her BAFTA Win

Here's a great video of Kristen at the press conference for the BAFTA Awards. She discusses her win for "Orange Rising Star" award as well as being star struck by the talented Kate Winslet, who she happened to be sitting behind at the awards ceremony.

There are also mentions about Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


  1. i saw a video of her at the BAFTAs and she looked like she was a bit sad because i really feel that she thinks she won that award not because she really is a rising star and very talented but because of twilight..thats not true and she should know better..kristen you a very talented actress and you prove it each film you participate in..

  2. I agree woth you. Kristen you really are an amazing actress! I think she deserved this award because her movies are always great and amazing. Every role she plays to perfection.WE LOVE YOU KRISTEN!!

  3. Twilight was one film where both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were required to be emotionally drained and stoic for most of it. Both of them fit the roles like a glove.

    Coming back to Kristen, I think one thing about awards is, once you receive them, you suddenly realise there is an immense pressure on you to out perform yourself every time.

    Fulfilling those expectations can be a real nail biter.

  4. Honestly in the video, Kristen just looks dreadfully exhausted and sleep deprived.