Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kristen Stewart Gets Big Hug From Actor Sean Penn

Kristen Stewart was out in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (February 16) heading to a meeting at the Montage Beverly Hills when she bumped into 49 year old actor, Sean Penn.

An X-17 photographer who was on the scene said:

"Kristen arrived at the hotel and happened to see Sean and he called over to her - he clearly recognized her. He went right up to her and gave her a VERY friendly hug and a big smooch on the cheek, and Kristen's reaction was priceless - we've never seen her look so elated before!"

The two had worked together back in 2007 on the film Into The Wild, in which Sean directed.

{via X17 Online}


  1. Ah...this is so cool. I love Into the wild! Kristen is great. They are both amazing! Love them both!!

  2. her hair has grown in a lot to She looks great !!!!

  3. amazing , :D <3
    -- agreed on the hair.

  4. she looks like she spotted the camera in the last one. lol

  5. haha she found you!