Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kristen Stewart on Yahoo!'s Most Popular Searches

Kristen Stewart was all a buzz on Yahoo! Pop's search engines. Kristen was the 8th most person everyone wanted more of!

We definitely can't get enough of the Stew! :)

The Most Popular Searches in Yahoo! Pop for January include:
Top 10 Overall Searches:

1. Haiti
2. Vanessa Hudgens
3. Jessica Simpson
4. Julieta Venegas
5. Elin Nordegren
6. Salma Hayek
7. Anahi
8. Kristen Stewart
9. Adriana Lima
10. Emma Watson

{via PR Newswire}


  1. ur very pretty krisen but ur clothes Suck LOL no im serious

  2. I love her clothes!!! are so different and non bitchy!!!! she can be sexy too.. We saw it in her photoshoots!!! So, she don't need to be slut to be nice XD **

  3. i agree with you i LOVE her style

  4. i agree with you i love her style and her lol

  5. I definitely agree , I think it is awesome that she is able to be her own person , with her own style and personality .
    You are gorgeous Kristen , you rock !! ♥